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I am select, I have created this blog. Here I publish and sort my notes from my past experiments and explorations, fails and wins. My main interest is software, but I will also share some personal experiences for your entertainment.

Jan 08

Handy ES6 one liners

JavaScript can be short and fun. In this post I collect "one liners" that I use regularly in my code.
Feb 10

How to automate the deployment of a web project

For deployment automation there is not a single solution, but setting up an automated deployment is not hard and mostly follows the same steps.
Feb 03

Integrating Matrix with Nextcloud

Combining the self hosted cloud synchronization Nextcloud with the end to end encrypted chat API Matrix is a dream come true for a decentralized, self hosted infrastructure.
Dec 09

Anacron - automate a script to run every day on your laptop

If you want to run script in regular intervals, like daily or weekly, on a computer that is not always running, use `anacron`. It runs tasks when you start your computer.
Nov 20

Mounting a Nextcloud WebDAV directory

You can mount any WebDAV directroy provided by a Nextcloud or an Owncloud like a regular folder into you file system. Find processes that block the unmounting of the directory.
Nov 08

Building an indexed object from an array of objects in JavaScript

Converting a JavaScript list of objects into an index lookup object is a common algorithm. Using the ES6 syntax it is possible to sorten the classic approach that used a `for` loop.
Nov 03

Hello World - a stroy about my TI-81

You have to start with something ... I start with a story how I found my passion for programming with the wonderful TI-81 programmable calculator.